Aviation companies often have to deal with multiple immediate challenges: changing regulation, cash constraints, demanding clients, and fierce competition. They sometimes do not have the internal resources or time to do all the required research and analysis to plan ahead. AirPlans is specialized in strategic planning. We help our clients to define where they want their business to be in  the medium to long term, and how to get there. 

Business Positioning
Aviation companies sometimes struggle to define what services they should provide, who their clients are and how they should position themselves vs. the competition. Most of the time, this is not due to lack of knowledge, but rather to lack of time. Our advisors are well experienced in dealing with their strategic questions. We provide our clients with a clear and yet practical medium / long term vision for their businesses. 
Business Planning
Thanks to their extensive management experience and complementary skills including business, commercial and financials, we help our clients during the detailed planning process of their business. This includes feasibility studies, financial planning, risk assessment, etc.
Business Development 
Our advisors all have unique entrepreneurial backgrounds and a significant personal track record of successfully developing new businesses. This could be a new service centre, a new aircraft product, a new FBO, or opening a new region alltogether.