We help our clients to boost their top line by improving their sales structure and model, enhancing their offering with a more optimized commercial approach, and designing the right tools to support the sales team to perform.  

Sales Strategy
AirPlans advisors have extensive experience in selling aircraft and aviation services around the world. Thanks to our deep knowledge of the industry and strong connections to the key players in the market, we help our clients designing their sales strategy for their products. This include defining the sales channels, structuring their a sales team or selecting the right local resellers.

Commercial Strategy
Regardless how good a product or a service is, the commercial policy needs to match the customer's needs. We help our clients define their entire commercial strategy to successfully launch a new product or service or boost their sales volume. This typically includes: the pricing, discount policies, payment terms, financing and contracts. 

Sales Support
Even a good product with the right commercial terms can be hard to sell. We can design the sales support material for our clients ensuring an efficient sales process. This would include for example: product presentations, performance charts, key selling features, key messages, product comparisons with the competition, and proposal and contractual templates.