Performance Improvement

Most aviation aviation companies have difficulty remaining sustainable in the long run, because of a stagnating top line or an inefficient cost structure. AirPlans offers detailed analyses and realistic advice to develop our clients' gross profit, reduce their cost base, strengthen their balance sheet, and optimize their cash flow. 
Growth Generation
There are many ways to achieve growth: gaining new clients, adjusting the offering, entering new territories, offering new products, or opening new business lines. AirPlans proposes out-oft-the-box ideas and advice to grow our clients' businesses in a practical manner. And more importantly: we will be there to implement them with you if you need us. 

Evaluating new organizational structures, new processes and new locations to re-locate a business in a pragmatic manner is not a task business leaders look forward to doing. Given their potential human impact, these discussions are regularly postponed. AiPlans knows what it means and what it takes. We help our clients in this process, develop new stratgies and new organizations to improve our clients' results. 
Financial Analysis and Financial Management
AirPlans team of financial advisors provide our clients un-biased financial analysis of their business and clear guidance to improve it. We help optimizing the financial processes that are central to the buiness, designing the systems that will make the difference, and restructuring the balance sheet to be ready for a new impulse. 
Cash Flow Management
Typically, aerospace investments are high cash consumers, return on investments spreads over multiple years, margins are low and clients have their own rules when it comes to payment terms. Efficient  cash management is particularly paramount. We support our clients in improving their processes to optimize their net working capital and unlock idle cash.