Merger & Acquisitions

The aviation industry has been through an intense wave of consolidation and restructuring since 2008. Companies closed down, others merged or got acquired. We help our clients in selecting the right targets, orchestrating the complete due diligence process, negotiating the commercials and ensuring that the implementation is according to plan. 

Target Search
Many aviation companies are openly for sale. however, many of them would not be the right acquisition: poor reputation, unstable customer base, loss making or simply no real product differentiation. Whether it is for the acquisition of an FBO, a MRO or an aicraft operator, AirPlans advises its clients in searching and selecting the firms that will match their strategy and add real value to their business. 

Due Diligence 
Through a thorough and structured due diligence process, we can ensure evaluation of the true status of these companies, verify that they are in good order, and help our clients understand the key business characteristics that may make a difference. We can advise our clients on their true market values and more importantly, on the value of these acquisitions for our client’s business. 

AirPlans provides commercial support and advice to its client during the M&A transaction phase. Thanks to our excellent connections to specialized legal firms, we can also orchestrate the entire contractual negotiation for our clients.

The implementation is the most critical part of the process. This will mak the investment in the new company worth the price paid, or not. AirPlans provides assistance to plan and oversee the implementation phase ensuring that all expected synergies are reached, and that the acquisition is performed in a smooth and controlled manner.