Marketing & Communication

Being traditionally highly technical, the aviation industry often places marketing & communication at a secondary priority level. But most end-clients don't understand the technical details and choose a product or a company simply because they like it.

Perception is reality. This is why it is essential to get the marketing and communication right. Our advisors know how to define a product to appeal to the customers, create a brand, and build a story that will last.

Market Studies
AirPlans’ team helps our clients to evaluate the potential of new markets, and new products, new territories. Whether it is for the launch of a new aircraft, the opening of a maintenance center, the development of a new FBO, we will thoroughly assess the market dynamics and estimate the market demand for such project or product.
Product Definition and Positioning
We can support our clients to define or refine their products or services to appeal to the market place. A clear and well-understood product specification is essential to its success. Part of this process is also the differentiation. AirPlans will help you ensure that your products or services are well recognized amongst your competitors. 
Brand Structuring and Management
Our marketing specialists have a proven track record of branding businesses and complex products. They can manage the whole branding process, from the brand structuring to the supervision of the creation of marketing collateral and websites. 
Marketing Strategy Development
Based on your unique business needs we can develop a strategic plan detailing steps, tools, and tactics to optimize all areas of your marketing program. We help you coordinate and organize your campaigns, improve relations and loyalty with your existing customers and reach wider audiences.
Communication and PR
We help you to identify the most effective tactics, tools and channels to deliver your message to the right audience at the right moment. We offer our clients support and realistic advice on developing successful communication strategies, setting up realistic objectives and approaches for achieving them.
Sales Support Tools Development 
Our creative team can develop a collection of tools that truly reflect the core values of your business to support your marketing and sales efforts. This includes product presentations, performance charts, key selling features, key messages, product comparisons with the competition, and proposal and contractual templates.