Asset Management

AirPlans advisors are aviation professionals with vast experience in aircraft purchase, operation, maintenance and completion. We advise aircraft owner and financial institutions on how to continuously maximise the value of their assets and optimise the operating and maintenance costs.

Aircraft selection
Our specialists can provide a detailed analysis to our clients to select the right type of aircraft to fulfill their needs. In case they look for a pre-owned aircraft, we help them find the right aircraft serial number, at the right commercial conditions.

Aircraft reviews and pre-purchase inspections
With our external partners, we bring the technical expertise to organize aircraft reviews and technical audits, as well as pre-purchase inspections.

Aircraft operational supervision
We offer our Clients a complete operational supervision: from the selection of the operator to the interface with maintenance centers and insurance providers. We negotiate the most favorable terms and supervise the day-to-day operation, ensuring a smooth and cost-optimized process.

Aircraft financial audit
Our advisors have a deep knowledge of business jet operations and how aircraft operators usually account and charge for it. We perform detailed audits of the operating costs and the possible charter revenue of our client’s aircraft. These audits typically generate significant refunds in favor of our clients.

Completion management and maintenance supervision
With our external partners, we can also oversee the completion process, cabin refurbishments and large maintenance event for our clients. In doing so, we ensure that the highest level of quality is produced by the maintenance / completion center and that the aircraft meets / exceeds the customer expectations and needs.